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The UCONX software system has been developed with energy, gas and internet retailers to improve efficiency and automate time consuming manual quoting and sales processes.

Accurate Quoting

Smart Documentation

System Integration


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UCONX is an off-the shelf, cloud-based application which means configuration of the software can be completed quickly and for a fixed fee.

The UCONX system set up includes discovery and onboarding, as well as optional ongoing support and training. We work with you throughout the deployment process to establish the number of licenses required by your sales and customer service teams, including third party contractors. We can scale add-ons as required to plug in with existing systems.

Enquire with our Sales team today about how the UCONX platform can improve your productivity, reliability and customer engagement.

Pricing & product management

UCONX offers a central point for managing offers and rates with the ability to import and export pricing. Store and manage historic, current and future pricing and offers. Easily upload pricing via CSV file. Manage sign up offers and incentives available to different agents or channels. Generate reports to analyse pricing and sales conversions by channel, date and distributor. Full integration with billing systems, CRM and Data Warehouse.

Sales Conversions

Integrate UCONX with your website to provide self-service comparative quoting functionality to your customers. Using the Performance Dashboard and online reporting tools, sales managers can easily keep track of leads from agent and website channels and schedule agent follow-up for prospective lead conversion. UCONX provides fast and accurate quotes using MSATS and data validation integration. UCONX also includes the ability to calculate commission payments for third party sales agents, taking away the guesswork.


Forget manually supplying your price change and compliance information to regulators – UCONX does this for you automatically!UCONX enables retailers of all sizes to ensure the highest levels of compliance are achieved across all areas of the business in a time sensitive manner to abide by regulations. UCONX provides a central point for product, pricing, quoting and onboarding communication. This means you can feel confident that you are communicating consistent and compliant information to customers at all times.

Webtools is continuously building upon UCONX’s robust design and functionality, ensuring that the solution is always up to date and meets our clients’ requirements. Regular development of UCONX ensures regulatory compliance related to pricing and quoting.While the solution can be adapted to meet each retailer’s unique requirements, Webtools also works actively to ensure that the UCONX solution is responsive to market-wide changes, including Clear Advice calculations around annual estimates and providing Best Offer communication.


UCONX maintains the highest standards of security and privacy possible. Have a chat with our friendly team to find out more about the many advanced ways that we protect the data of our clients and their customers.

Accurate Quoting

Produce price-only and comparative quotes for electricity, gas and internet for all potential customer sites within minutes. UCONX seamlessly calculates a range of quoting considerations, including completing credit rating checks, address verification, hold products, and allowing for a variety of membership association benefits. UCONX validates sites and displays offers available. Sales agents can provide fast and accurate quotes to customers with confidence, with full industry database integration.

Smart Documentation

Produce automated and customisable branded PDF quotes and Welcome Packs to send to your customers direct from UCONX. Interactive PDFs include a click through link for quote acceptance and initiation of the switching process.

System Integration

UCONX integrates with credit agency systems, billing systems and existing CRM’s, resulting in seamless advancement through the sign up process. It has also been developed to integrate with industry databases such as MSATS, MIRN Database and NBN Lookup, ensuring that all quotes are accurate and site specific.UCONX can also be used to power self-quoting via your retail websites through its clever API.


The highly functional reporting tools enable analysis of pricing and sales conversions by channel, date and distributor. Ensure you’re tracking to achieve your KPI’s. Track and report on sales volumes, conversion rates and commissions for each sales channel. With UCONX you can build real-time reports on quoting and sales processes. Track performance on quoting volumes and conversion rates at an individual agent, team or organisation level.

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