Webtools is continuously building upon UCONX’s design and functionality, ensuring that the solution is always up to date and meets our customers’ requirements. While the solution can be adapted to meet each Retailer’s unique requirements, Webtools also works actively to ensure that the UCONX solution is responsive to market-wide changes. The latest round of such changes to be delivered to the system are off the back of the regulatory changes announced by the ESC and affect retailers supplying electricity in Victoria. Effective 1 July 2019, Victorian retailers must provide customers with Clear Advice around annual bills and provide Best Offer communication.

Annual Estimates

UCONX caters for annual estimates for existing customers, integrating with customer databases and billing engines via API. For new customers, UCONX  asks a series of questions to calculate an annual estimate which can then be compared against other offers to determine if the customer is on the retailer’s best offer.  

Best Offer

UCONX’s built in calculator can be used to cater to Best Offer on Bill requirements. UCONX integrates with the Billing Engine to provide this data on the customer’s bill. UCONX also caters to the DMO and VDO requirements where each offer can be compared against the default offer annual amount by state.