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UCONX is a cloud-based price management solution designed by the tried and trusted software development experts at Webtools.

Working alongside the Australian energy market, Webtools developed a fit-for-purpose software solution to improve efficiency and accuracy in customer sales and onboarding. UCONX acts as a central repository for product and pricing management requirements and provides extensive performance reporting.

UCONX has been used as the quoting and sales platform for electricity, gas and internet retailers across Australasia since 2017. We understand the importance for energy retailers to remain compliant, but also appreciate the increasing complexities of operating in today's volatile market.

Energy retailers trust UCONX to support and enhance the customer onboarding process.

We believe customer onboarding should be a seamless and positive experience for your customers and this starts with ensuring that your sales agents have a straightforward, user friendly platform to work with. Customer service and sales managers love UCONX for its ability to cut down significantly on manual calculations and processes.

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Webtools has been developing custom and off-the-shelf software solutions within the utilities, health and agricultural sectors since 2007. Our capabilities include mobile apps, billing platforms, CRM’s and price management solutions.

Webtools develops and supports solutions for some of New Zealand’s largest government and private organisations.

Webtools’ business leaders have extensive experience within the New Zealand and Australian energy sectors and bring the professional expertise required to help utilities retailers achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

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Our Melbourne-based project team have extensive experience in the Australian energy industry and will work alongside you to deliver the UCONX platform.

Brett O’Donnell


By implementing UCONX we have successfully reduced the time spent by our agents in finding pricing for customers. Our agents are reinvesting these time savings on value-add activities, taking more time to understand customer needs and making smarter plan recommendations. Our customer feedback and sales conversion rates are reflective of this.

hamish O’Donnell

Project Manager

UCONX is invaluable in creating bulk quotes for larger quantity customers significantly faster than we could possibly do in other systems. Using UCONX we were able to process 3,000 sites in batches of 75 at a time of approximately 22 hours, and as such has enabled us to create pricing by NMI for the Customer. UCONX is easy to use and looks professional, both for the user and the customer who can receive their quote emailed directly from UCONX.

Benjamin Teycheney

National Business Solutions Manager

What I can say about UCONX is that it saves a lot of time! I’ve gone from sending through monstrous spreadsheets that in some cases took hours to create, to something that looks sleek and high quality in minutes and with everything the client will need. UCONX has a big impact in our daily working lives. No more sinking feeling when a customer wants a quote for multiple sites!

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